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The Twin Towers Alliance is a non-partisan, non-profit citizens' effort with a dual mission: To put the Twin Towers back where they belong and to do our part to restore our government to good working order. Since 2006, the TTA has been leading a global campaign at to give the public a real voice in the future of Ground Zero.

The Twin Towers Alliance Foundation is the result of what we as private citizens learned in the years-long battle against the corruption and connivance that has deprived our country of the spectacular Twin Towers we Americans had every reason and right to expect.

Since the morning of September 11, 2001, this fight has never been a question of design or esthetics, but of principle, accountability, and respect. In standing up for the right of Americans to determine the future of the World Trade Center, we learned more than we ever imagined we would about what is undermining democracy in America.

What apologists for the current scheme miss is that this is not a matter of opinion or sentimentality. Nothing could make most of us feel better about our country than restoring our treasured skyline. But what is most at issue is the public's right to decide what the World Trade Center is going to look like, because it is public property that was built with public funds to begin with and is being rebuilt with primarily public funds now.

What is so unacceptable and disturbing is that, while the horror of 9/11 was spawned in a foreign cesspool, the ongoing victimization of the American people at the site has been carried out by our own government officials, with the implicit support of a lethargic media.

Our entire nation was attacked on 9/11 and what we finally build is going to reflect on all the American People. If we shrug and move on it could prove lethal to the character of our country. We resolve not to let that happen.

A perfect storm of bipartisan political and cultural failures has left us with a national disgrace at Ground Zero. In the course of identifying, isolating, and defeating the forces that are short-circuiting Americans' signature confidence and ingenuity at the WTC, our people will be better equipped to repair a badly broken system nationwide.

But the Twin Towers Alliance will not stop there, because we believe that the nation is facing an existential challenge. We intend to use all that we have gleaned from this experience to promote muscular citizenship and responsive government.

We believe that what has occurred at the WTC site since 9/11 would never have happened even twenty or thirty years ago. The difference now is that many of our people are out of touch with the founding principles and defining lessons of our democracy. Our culture is far more concerned with the privileges of American citizenship than with the responsibilities.

Our aim is to develop programs and publications that will strengthen citizens' sense of connection to our foundations and awaken an appreciation for how our glorious past enriches and informs us today. Chief among our concerns is an emphasis on how to encourage and reinforce our underlying unity in an increasingly diverse society.

George Washington's Farewell Address to the People of the United States still pleads with us today to overcome division. As Henry Wadsworth Longfellow cautioned: "All your strength is in union — all your danger is in discords."

Respect for one another's unique viewpoint is indispensible to a vital and creative democracy. And the essence of twin-ship is seeing something of oneself in the other. That is the core spirit of partnership and good will. That is the genius of e pluribus unum.

Twins are something special. They catch the eye. They symbolize wholeness and reinforcement. Perhaps that is why twin towers have been popping up around the world — everywhere except where they most belong.

The Twin Towers had a unique purpose in the history of commercial architecture. They were actually dedicated to bringing out the best in ourselves and those with whom we trade as the most certain path to prosperity and world peace. They stood for cooperation and respect for diversity. Contempt for those principles is what brought the Towers down.

And pervasive contempt for differing points of view is weakening the fabric of our Union. Now, as we face a vicious enemy, following the brutality and dissension of the most totalitarian century in history, it is only by fostering and defending those virtues that we will build a better country and contribute to a better world. It is an urgent need.

We believe that the greatest challenge of our time is to infuse the dichotomy in our society with understanding and brotherhood. We believe that there is only one way to master the fierceness of the dangers and trials we face and that is side-by-side.

The founding ethic of the United States is that there is no worthy goal we can't achieve when we are united. The unimaginable destruction of 9/11 was cleared away by the following March. The view from the roof of the FDNY's "Ten House" in late September, 2001, is a vivid reminder of what Americans can achieve when we share a common purpose.

The Twin Towers were and still are the most fitting symbol of our dedication to stability, cooperation, prosperity and peace – at home and abroad. We invite you to help us promote the TTAF's mission of reinforcing our bonds, honoring our differences, overcoming our challenges and forging a stronger union.

Future generations will see the Twin Towers as mythic: either because they once stood tall, were destroyed by blind hatred, and then forsaken by a timid people; or because, after having been destroyed by blind hatred, they were restored by a heroic nation.

United We Stand

It's NOT Too Late to Do the Right Thing!

Please note: The statement above charts our future course. The Twin Towers Alliance is still thoroughly engaged in getting to the bottom of the swindle at Ground Zero. This website will be developed once that is fully recorded. We welcome inquiries by phone or at the address below.


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